Day 1 – Relax

Expand Consciousness

In the first class, learn Heartfulness relaxation for physical well-being, as well as the Heartfulness guided meditation on the source of light within your own heart

The “Relax” Masterclass is accessible throughout the day. The Relax Masterclass runs about 1 hour.

Day 2 – Rejuvenate


In the second class, be guided through a simple rejuvenative technique to unwind the mind at the end of the day, to let go of stresses and emotions, and simplify your life.

The “Rejuvenate” Masterclass will be accessible throughout the day. The Rejuvenate Masterclass runs about 1 hour.

Day 3 – Connect

With your inner self

In the third class, learn to connect with your inner self by listening to the heart’s voice. Observe your deepest feelings, make wise choices and weave your destiny.

The “Connect” Masterclass will be accessible throughout the day. The ConnectMasterclass runs about 1 hour.

At this extraordinary moment, you can join people from all parts of the world and learn relaxation and meditation, directly from Daaji. Our free February masterclasses are online, right now. Now, more than ever, let’s meditate. It’s as simple as registering here:

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By attending the masterclasses, you will learn to:

    • Relax for physical well-being
    • Deepen your meditation
    • Let go of stress. Feel rejuvenated
    • Make wise life choices
    • Nurture relationships


  • Meditate on the heart
  • Simplify your thoughts
  • Connect to your inner self
  • Find inner strength
  • Find joy within

  • Experience transmission
  • Unwind the mind
  • Observe your deepest feelings
  • Develop confidence and balance

Kamlesh D. Patel (Daaji)

Known to many as Daaji, Kamlesh D. Patel is the fourth guide in the Heartfulness tradition of meditation. Embracing the many roles of a modern-day teacher, he has that rare capacity that allows him to dive deep into the centre of his existence in the heart, and simultaneously have a scientific approach to original research in the field of meditation, spirituality and human evolution.

He is a prolific speaker and writer, and you can read his latest series on the evolution of consciousness.

To learn more about Daaji, go to

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